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Inital Server Setup (Ubuntu 16)

One of the most common things you do as a web developer, is configure a server to deploy your work to the World Wide Web. One very common routine will be configuring a linux server. I and many others have been greatly aided by the existence of Digital Ocean’s tutorial on the matter. The Initial […]

Analytics, The Easy Way

Your analytics insight is only as good as the data that can be deciphered. We all know how important user insight is, and after all, what’s the point of launching a website without knowing how your users react to it. For many small companies, having a dedicated analytics person is out of the question, so […]

Gilfoyle is not just on Silicon Valley

If you are like us you are probably a fan of HBO’s comedy series Silicon Valley you also probably had one of your servers exposed to malicious code. We’ve built a new tool to monitor our clients projects and notify us through Slack if there are any changes to the files outside of version control. […]

The Trials and Tribulations of Working Remotely

It’s always been a dream of mine to travel the world surfing and exploring, but for many of us, we need to make money along the way. Here you’ll get a few opinions on the upsides and downsides of remote working from an inexperienced digital nomad. Below I’ve outlined a few of the apparent downsides […]

Simple Full Screen Modals in Action

Here I’ll show you how to quickly put together an animated full screen modal using the animatedModal.js jQuery plugin. This is a simple one, but adds a lot of utility to your site. I like the concept of taking something that would usually require it’s own page and treating it like a more interactive element. […]